Cakes By Dimples UK launch

Here at UWM we love helping new businesses! It is important in this industry to highlight new talent, and the lovely thing about this business, it has been going for years, just never on a professional platform. We were lucky enough to catch up with Avril, the talent behind Cakes By Dimples. Keep your eye on this lady, this is certainly a business to follow and watch!

Here is our modest but very delectable chat with Avril, in her very own words!

Cakes by Dimples was borne out of a family nickname and my long-term passion for baking, my speciality being caribbean rum (fruit) cakes.

After embarking on training and baking for friends and family for over 10 years, a change in career path and the usual encouragement from friends and family, inspired me to take this one step further and turn my passion into a profession.

I take great joy in recreating recipes for my clients. It gives me huge satisfaction sharing the end product with my customers and seeing their delight, once I have brought their vision to life.


What do you love most about baking cakes?

Baking cakes is great fun.  I try out new recipes all the time and like adding my own twist to them.  I get a great sense of calm and serenity from decorating cakes and enjoy making sugar flowers, in fact I find it very therapeutic.

Most of all I love to see my customers face when they see the end results.  Their delight in eating it makes it all very worthwhile.

What inspires your designs?

I personally like very simple designs and truly believe in the “less is more” concept. Cake baker Lindy Smith once told me ‘to look for inspirations from all around you’. E.g. Magazines, photos, wallpaper patterns etc. A goal I utilise all the time.  Also practice and experimenting helps bring designs to fruition.

Nowadays, there are so many clever tools which helps evolve creativity and designs.  E.g.

Templates, moulds with delicate lace patterns, embossers which can all be used to create embellishments and textures which are simply beautiful.

What top 3 tips would you recommend to help couples choose a cake design and flavour for their wedding day?

  1. Research the market and go on positive feedback about the cake maker.
  2. Always sample the products
  3. A cake choice is all about the individual/couple.  So follow your heart regarding your likes and dislikes and be open to understanding what works with your theme.


Cakes by Dimples will be exhibiting at The Watermill Hotel Wedding Show, Bourne End, Hertfordshire on Sunday 27th April 2014, pop along so say hello and try some delicious free samples.

 Visit the website:
Phone: 07763 570 508

  1. Dimples made my 50th birthday cake and as well as looking amazing, it was the most delicious cake of its kind that I’ve ever tasted

    1. Cecily, So….glad you enjoyed your celebration cake it was a pleasure working with you on the design.
      Many thanks for your lovely feedback

  2. Interesting, simple designs and acceptable for the price points. I think that the baker will have to become much more intricate and detailed to do very traditional weddings where the bride has very high expectations. I think the design range is more for women who have a small budget and cannot bake themselves. I applaud her breaking into the business and am sure that she will get better and better with time and practice. The novelty/birthday cakes are nice, but I think the wedding cakes will need a bit more …..pizzazz.

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