Bohemian Bridal shoot

So as we know Boho and festival style weddings are huge again this year and I just utterly LOVE this look. It’s just so effortlessly cool, yet really feminine and a bit fun, great for more relaxed informal weddings that you just want to go to…Let’s be honest, not all weddings are fun are they!? Anyway, imagine my joy when I was asked to get involved with a Festival style shoot with photographer Lucy Davenport.

After doing a bit of research on Instagram (My other love! .I’m ‘joloveshair’ ~ If you’re interested!) I found the amazing ‘Curious Fair’ who design and created these wonderful woodland head pieces..How cool!? Very!

We did the shoot at my studio in Surrey so were able to use a backdrop and keep the focus on the looks rather than the venue. Make-up was by Ana Ospina, who totally grasped our concept and used a variety of rather clever airbrushing and stenciling techniques to create the look. The gold rose blush in the shape of rose petals has a total festival feel and is actually really wearable. I’m definitely going to be trying this out over the summer.

For the hair I mustered the Boho babe within (ahem..) and went all out with coloured wefts, braids, whimsical waves, messy curls and knotting techniques.

You already know I love it.,.But what do you think?? Would you rock this look on your wedding day?

Lucy_Davenport_Photography-025 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-013 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-011 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-023 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-009 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-007 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-021 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-019 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-005 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-003 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-017 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-015 Lucy_Davenport_Photography-001

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